Friday, March 18, 2011

three for now

Three recent episodes in the empire of ccrounge:

1. Saved from a big rollaway in front of a house under construction: a very large, heavy aloe vera plant. Hell of a time getting the plant (and myself) down the rollaway's ladder and to the ground. So, a couple of the plant's leaves get broken off--which, after taking the plant home, repotting it, and watering it, I use on my various cuts and scrapes. Mutual aid, Kropotkin called it.

2. Advice from a guy I meet at a dumpster: 'Man, you scrap copper wire? Well here's what you do: burn off the coating, you'll get more for it. Burn it at dusk--not during the day, not at night--at dusk. That way they can't see you. So that's how you beat 'em on that one!' Appreciate the attempt to be helpful--not that I have any intention of following his advice. And don't you do it either.

3. When you find a bunch of trash bags behind an antique store, do you suppose you might dig in them and pull out...antiques? Yeah, that's right--apparently they cleared their store room of odds and ends. Now, I know I post too many lists of my scrounged treasures, so I won't do that here. I'll just was quite a haul.

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  1. PS--I love the lists. It is such fun to see what others have found.--thissideofgaudy