Sunday, November 7, 2010

empire toast

Some great finds over the past ten days or so. Last weekend, a single scrounging ride resulted in everything from saws, pocket knives and lanterns to luggage, sunglasses, and old cast iron dutch ovens. Yesterday's ride yielded ten cans of spray paint (useful for the art I create out of scrounged stencils and paint--you can see a couple of examples at, plus a power sander (runs fine), bicycle pedals, and other goods.

The only bad news yesterday was accidentally leaving behind a scrounged water bottle during another ride. No matter--the empire is self-healing. Today I scrounged 4 more bicycle water bottles--and a high-end bicycle helmet, a Serfas bicycle saddle, Shimano bicycle shoes, and some Rudy Project bicycling shades. And three 'Debra Manikin' hair styling heads. And four polished pewter plates from the Dallas Safari Club. And an IPod docking station.

And a crystal wine glass. And twelve bottles of good wine.


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  1. Aaah, so this is where we find the dumpster finds lists that your editors didn't let you publish in Empire of Scrounge. Excellent.

    Was very happily surprised to find your recent comment on my blog. Am currently writing my own book about trash/dumpster diving/freeganism, and Empire is my favorite resource. So high fives for you. :)