Monday, November 15, 2010


Old Case pocket knives; a gold filigree mechanical pencil c. 1920; a solid gold filigree medallion, 1906; a first-place medallion for the Junior 50 Yard Dash, Peoria Parks, 1928; a first-place tennis medallion, 1934; antique charm bracelet charms with tiny working parts--so many treasures pulled from a dumpster yesterday--or more to the point, pulled from bags and boxes stuffed inside other bigger bags and boxes and all buried beneath still other bags and boxes inside a overstuffed dumpster.

Climb in. Dig around. Find the past.

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  1. Scrappy, are the dumpsters you dive mostly at apartments or are they more commercial? It seems like lots of personal items you find so I was just curious. I seldom dive dumpsters in favor of residential piles.

    I sold a Christmas Disney collectible today for $50. Garage sale two weeks' ago and cleared $1,000. My wife still hates it...