Thursday, October 28, 2010

the real trickle down

At the far end of one of the scrounging circuits that I regularly ride is a Goodwill store, with a couple of dumpsters sitting behind it. Over the last few months I've noticed something: more and more folks digging in those dumpsters. Talking with them, they generally tell me that they're looking for anything useful--of use to them or their friends or neighbors. [The other day a friendly older fellow also warned me about the broken glass in one of the dumpsters. Much appreciated.]

So, in contrast to the elitest myth of trickle-down economics, here we have the real trickle down, and doubly so. The recipient of used or no longer needed items, Goodwill itself sorts out those it can't use or doesn't need, and discards them. Meanwhile those who can't afford to shop for new goods, or even for the used goods at Goodwill, sort through a dumpster full of discarded discards....

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