Friday, March 19, 2010

play it some more

The day before yesterday I discovered a Dumpster full of trash bags containing the toss-outs from, it seemed clear, the home of an elderly woman (sadly, the amount of medications and medical equipment suggested the end of a life). So much there I had to call in a car--my bike couldn't handle it--and now I'm sorting through clothes, bins of yarn, glassware and the like, getting it all ready for the charities.

But a couple of items from the trash bags that I can't help keeping for myself--cultural treasures, at least to my mind: A 1930s Falcon Miniature camera. A Johnny Cash, 'I Walk the Line' album. A Chuck Berry 'Sweet Little Rock and Roller' album. And the slip cover from an early Jerry Lee Lewis mini-album (four songs). Black, red and yellow, the cover annonces 'the great ball of fire, Jerry Lee Lewis', and includes this quote from a fan:

'I play your record over and over until the record player gets too hot. Then I take it over to a neighbor's house, and we play it some more'.

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  1. Do you find that with the current economic straits there is more to scrounge, or less? Are the types and qualities of the items different than, say, in go-go 2007?