Wednesday, May 5, 2010

send 'em to the Greeks?

First, an update from the last post: Among the many items scrounged from that home clean-out were four or five garbage bags full of yarn, knitting supplies, knitting needles, patterns, and the like. So, we took all this to a local senior citizens' center, and now they report that they are busy knitting sweaters for homeless folks. Roll on, buddy.

More recently, another home clean out--another elderly woman passed away, I'm sorry to say, as I learned from her son, whom I met while pulling all manner of useful items from the big roll away dumpster in the front yard. He was gracious enough to encourage me to take whatever I thought could be of use to someone--and so I did. In fact, it took many trips back and forth to salvage it all.

And just yesterday: A dumpster holding what appeared to be the leftovers from a middle class family's move into a new home. It took a good bit of moving boxes and digging, but I managed to salvage bicycle shorts, water bottles, hats, a new wallet, a new box of thank you cards, and a few other items. Then I noticed one more box, wedged into the bottom of the dumpster, difficult to get to. My usual question: Dig for it or leave it? And my usual answer: dig for it. Pulling it open, it seemed to hold only crumpled wrapping paper, but upon grabbing out the paper...there in the bottom were two silver/silver plate jewelry boxes, a carved wooden box, and a photo-top jewelry box. And in them were a few small pieces of jewelry...32 British pence...and right at 7 Euros in bills and change.

What do you think--send 'em to the Greeks?

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