Monday, March 15, 2010

you can never have too with it

Some finds over the past week and a half:

Lightly used purses, new purses with the tags still attached, a Cole Hahn purse, more purses. Swiss army knife (in the Cole Hahn purse). Like-new hunting gear, including a down filled coat. Bars of soap, new. Sunscreen. Axe body spray. Craft scissors. Desk top clock. Women's black dress gloves. Women's red winter gloves, new. Women's jewelry. Nassau Bahamas fridge magnet ($4.50, new). A book on Modernist design. Women's clothes. Six Miller High Life beers (left two, hauled four home). Twelve Diet Dr. Peppers (left eleven, hauled one home). A cast iron sink so heavy that I had to build a makeshift ladder out of scrap to get it out of the Dumpster.

And amidst it all:

A plastic bag, 'Wink. Shoes and Accessories. You can NEVER have too many'.

And a women's 'Happy Bunny' cap, tags still attached ($12, Kohl's), 'It's all about me. Deal with it.'

Indeed you can't, indeed it is, and indeed I will.

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