Friday, October 19, 2012

bruno scrapli

Peering into a dumpster behind a frame shop the day before yesterday, I see a bunch of leaves and grass, with matting board scraps thrown in on top of them. But then amidst all this I spot something shiny near the bottom, so balancing myself on the edge of the dumpster I lean in and over and reach for it. Turns out to be little vial of vintage perfume. Still leaning in, digging with my hand, I uncover more perfume bottles, and some bits of jewelry. This, I decide, merits full-on investigation, so I park my bicycle and jump in.

And down deep, below the leaves and matting board, what a dumpster it turns out to be. Many more old perfume bottles are scattered there. An old photo in an antique picture frame bearing a NRA (National Recovery Administration) stamp from the 1930s. Old belt buckles. An old injector razor and a packet of injector blades. Old watches. A silver bracelet. A beautiful old, slim gentlemen's pocket knife on an elaborate fob. Old books and college annuals from the 1920s. A 1950s Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis publicity pamphlet.

And three pair of Bruno Magli high heels, new in their boxes.

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