Monday, November 14, 2011

rhythm and light part 2

A few weeks ago we donate some scrounged flashlights and batteries to our local Occupy encampment. Friday, out on a scrounge ride, I come across a dumpster holding, among other things, eight pair of scissors, some 350 new camera, watch, and hearing aid batteries....and seven flashlights, most with fresh batteries and all but one in working order.

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  1. wow....great find(s). i emailed you a few weeks back, just now posting to your blog. i am outside of austin and pick and dig for goodies here in elgin and in best find has been some MS 2003 office software (new--4 boxes) that i sold for just under 1200 dollars...:) many items i find that i cannot use, i drop off at the metal and wood boxes. how do you find organizations who need your finds such as your flashlights, etc. thanks and happy picking...:") shenna