Wednesday, September 15, 2010

no, really

So many good finds lately: cool black cowboy shirts, baseball gloves, old record albums....

But today, home from a long day of teaching, only time for a very short bicycle ride, just to stretch the legs out. I'll only be gone ten minutes, I swear, just a spin around the block. Really. I'll be right time to scrounge.

Except that the one dumpster I look in, not six blocks away, turns out to be full of toss outs from a young woman of some privilege, it appears. So in I jump, and when I emerge a half hour later, I've scrounged purses, wallets, and Coach coin purses and make up bags. Clothes and scarves and Nike shoes and a big pile of jewelry. Soaps and shampoos and some eucalytpus and spearmint bath salts. Theatrical makeup and some sort of beaded flapper hat. And....

No, really, I'll be right back.

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