Saturday, August 28, 2010

now buy some peace

Some very nice finds lately, from scrap metal and old electric motors to bath soap, packages of cocktail napkins, magnifying glasses, women's tennis shoes, rolls of wall paper...and a cool blue and white striped cowboy shirt (that turns out to be just my size).

And yesterday, an inside look at the culture of consumption--a birthday card that I found amidst throw outs from a nearby retail store. 'Should I buy more stuff or leave more money to the kids?' the card begins, above a photograph of a woman shopping for clothes. 'Ha! I crack myself up!' it continues, and then inside the card, the punch line: 'Happy Birthday. Go Shopping.'

The inscription follows.

'Dear -----,
You already bought a car. Now buy some peace. I hope this next year is "your" year!
Love, -----'

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