Monday, June 14, 2010

I guess

As you may recall from earlier posts, I do my best to avoid cars, trucks, gas, oil and related environmental disasters--and if I'm going to use any of these in relation to salvaging/trash picking, then I take the calculation of ecological harm vs. ecological help pretty seriously. So when on a bicycle ride yesterday I discovered a dumpster full of metal display racks, I thought about returning with my old truck to get them all--the dumpster was after all only a mile round trip from my house--but decided to just haul a couple home on my bicycle and leave the rest. Not worth even that much gas and oil.

Today, though, getting ready to load various accumulated scrap metal into my truck for a trip to the scrap yard tomorrow, I reconsidered, and decided to add the racks to the load. Returning to the dumpster, the racks were still there--but now so were working power tools (Skil saw, Ryobi hole/metal saw); a whole storage bin filled with packages of screws and nails; ratchet tie downs; a large carpenter's level; an outdoor extension cord; a trailer hitch; a prybar; and more.

In other words, a dumpster full of just the sort of stuff useful for someone who salvages materials, rebuilds broken castoffs, and hauls scrap metal. That Ryobi saw in particular I'll put to good use--I've been waiting to find one of those for years.

So, all in all, worth the mile's worth of gas and oil.

I guess.

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