Monday, August 10, 2009

scrounger clean

Scrounged all sorts of good and useful items today: Cole Haan women's shoes and two men's wallets (destined for my neighborhood charity shop), travel-size shampoo and toiletries (destined for the homeless shelter), a half-full bottle of Danzka vodka (destined for my liquor cabinet). Two NFL bobble-head dolls (destined for who-knows-where). And of course more:

The three bars of Dial soap, the three bars of Dove soap, the bottle of Pantene shampoo, and the little tin of Burt's Bees Lip Balm. Not to mention the big new bottle of Body Essence Cucumber Melon Body Wash I scrounged last week, or the other scrounged bottles of body wash I have on hand; my selection of scrounged deodorants; my bewildering but usable array of scrounged hair care gels, waxes, and putties; or those bottles of Mint Revitalizing Conditioner, each priced at $16...tossed out and subsequently scrounged behind a hair care store.

Hey, I'm not squeaky clean. I'm scrounger clean.


  1. what salon are you scrounging behind???

  2. i scrounge all up and down Camp Bowie Blvd., W. 7th, etc.--a festival of salons and hair care emporia!