Thursday, July 30, 2009

Burberry, Bush, Obama

Heading out on a scrounging bike ride today but I don't make it far. The first dumpster I hit, three blocks from my house, contains seven or eight white plastic kitchen trash bags filled with women's clothes, kids' clothes, jewelry, and accessories. I load my bike bag with some small items, ride home, come back in the old truck, and haul home the rest.

Among the items: Burberry cologne; Coach date book, new; Neiman-Marcus purse; countless t-shirts, warm up pants, and shorts; five or six large brooms; boxes of party invitations, new; and a Gap winter coat, in its pockets packets of Splenda, safety pins, a tube of Clinique lipstick...and $6.27.

Oh yeah, and a Bush/Cheney '04 t-shirt and an Obama for President '08 t-shirt.

Progress? Yeah, but for '12, how about this campaign slogan: Buy less, share more.

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