Friday, May 25, 2012

these shoes are made for scrounging

Many great finds lately--beautiful antique fountain pens, bicycle jerseys, bags and bags of men's and women's clothes (now bound for the shelter and the charity shop)--but especially impressive have been the shoes. Over the past few weeks I've scrounged two pair of high-quality all terrain shoes; a pair of summer mesh outdoor shoes; and a very nice pair of dress/casual shoes--all in my size, or close enough, considering that I was in need of some good shoes.

Then today, scrounging a dumpster behind a store that sells a particular brand of high-end work shoes (store/brand to remain unspecified, since I'll want to head back to that dumpster soon enough), I discovered that the store had discarded numerous pair of like-new work boots, some in my size, some not. Between my own needs, and the fact that such shoes are a particularly valuable item down at the shelter, I was determined to haul away all I could. Loading the back deck of my bicycle, and stuffing my bike bag full, there still remained one pair I hated to leave behind--a pair of heavy high-top work boots too big for my feet--so I just picked up the boots and took off, holding them awkwardly while trying to keep a grip on my handlebars, assuming I'd figure out something.

Then I remembered the convenience store a few blocks away, where sometimes I see hard labor folks hanging out. Rolling up, I spot a guy sitting on the sidewalk in front of the store, and as I'm saying hello, I glance down at his feet--bigger feet than mine, and sporting some old, broken down sports shoes. I offer him the shoes.
'What size are they?' he asks.
'Thirteens' I say.
'Hey, that's my size.'
He takes the shoes, slides them in behind his back to keep them out of sight, and away I ride.

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