Sunday, January 31, 2010

empire giveth

Out on a scrounging ride today the time and temperature sign in front of some store or another says 31 degrees. Problem is my hands get cold and so I lose the fine touch needed to evaluate trash bags from the outside by feel. As a result I tear open a bag inside a dumpster and cut my finger on a shard of broken light fixture globe. Still, I'm finding some good stuff and don't want to have to stop, get my [scrounged] bike bag that I've left hanging on the handlebars of my [scrounged] bicycle, get out the [scrounged] I keep at it...but the finger is bleeding a bit worse than I thought, so I'm about to stop and get my bike bag...but let me just see what else is in this one trash bag...and there it is: a complete, self-contained first aid kit. Alcohol wipes. Bandaids. Gauze. Medical tape.

The empire giveth.

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  1. amazing. i wonder what sort of treasures i'll hear about next.