Thursday, July 16, 2009

metal calculus money and Korean cowboy boots

Good run to the scrap yard today: the bakery metal from yesterday, a few odds and ends from in and around my shed, and a metal table and metal cooker picked up on the way. The scrap tin total: 320 pounds at 5 cents a pound--sixteen bucks. The rest: 12 pounds of copper, 15 pounds of yellow brass, 11 pounds of die cast, 4 pounds of aluminum cans, 11 pounds of electrical balast, 35 pounds of electric motors.

And as always in the empire of scrounge, some bonuses pulled from the bakery roll away, items too good for the scrap yard: three solid 8 foot 2x12s, two heavy aluminum cooking platters of some kind (featuring a pleasing pattern of little indented spirals), and some sturdy old cake tins.

Back on the bike later I find two garbage bags full of clothes and shoes--I bring home a pair of Justin boots, a pair of high top shoes, and a bunch of nice ribbed cotton t shirts. The remainder I leave on display beside the dumpster....including a pair of made-in-Korea cowboy boots....

Waylon said, 'you just can't live in Texas unless you've got a lot of soul'. Sole? Seoul?

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